Darklock XNA Tutorials

This is an XNA tutorial I wrote primarily for Veovis Muaddib over on the XNA Forums, but wanted to share with the entire community - Rewcus, for example, was asking for more tutorials. I'll probably write more stuff and put it here, too.

All the projects and code for the tutorials here will be licensed under the Simplified BSD License, which basically allows you to do whatever you want with it - even sell it - so long as you retain the copyright notice.

Phaking Physics

Added a new tutorial for combining sample code between projects, because this isn't really covered very often:

Reuse (Code provided under Ms-PL due to source restrictions)

And here's the video on how to add unlimited cannonballs to the 2D Beginner's Guide. Community Clips should have it, but it disappeared.

I've been thinking about licensing, and I just have too much stuff which is based on XNA sample code, so I'm going to have to start licensing everything I don't write from scratch under Ms-PL... and honestly, Ms-PL is just fine, so I may as well just start using that for everything. Here's a rundown of how the GameStateManagement sample works, since it's pretty sparsely documented.

State Management

Just for fun, in case anyone wants to play around with the game I've got in development at the moment:

Railgun (Alpha) (Binary only, no source)